Introducing WADS PRO:


The Ultimate Drop-In Session for Professional Working Actors!


Welcome to WADS PRO: The Working Actor Drop-In Sessions, a safe haven tailored specifically for professional actors seeking a space to aid, learn, grow, refine, and experiment with their craft.

This course offers a flexible yet intensive drop-in format, specifically designed to target the pressure actors face with tight deadlines, often having to turn self-tapes around within two days.

Led by highly professional acting coaches who will walk you through finding your voice, breaking down scripts, exploring tone, texture and pace leading towards producing a truthful, full-bodied self-tape.

We understand the challenges you face in balancing your acting career with ongoing training and other life commitments. We want to ensure that you can continue your professional journey while honing your skills.

Whether you wish to elevate your success in the audition room, sharpen your skills, or experiment with new acting techniques, WADS Pro offers a carefully curated selection of sessions, so you have the freedom to pick and choose what aligns perfectly with your goals and areas of focus, and provides the perfect platform for you to apply what you learn to upcoming auditions.

*In order to qualify for WADS Pro, you are required to have no less than 2 professional credits on Spotlight. *











Step into the world of screen auditions with our comprehensive course designed to elevate your on-screen presence and audition techniques.


This course will cover a variety of areas:


  •  Screen Lab: Work on a variety of scripts from popular TV shows to feature films, providing a well-rounded understanding of screen acting across all genres. In these sessions, professional actors will be given the opportunity to bring in past or upcoming audition sides to work on and develop unique approaches to on-screen performances and refining personal audition material.


  •  Mock Screen Auditions: Gain invaluable experience with mock casting auditions, providing real-life scenarios to refine your performance.


  •  Genre-specific Approach: Learn to apply the correct approach and techniques in accordance with the genre, enabling you to deliver captivating performances correctly aligned to the tone, texture, and pace of the selected screen sides.


  • Timeline: Develop techniques to break down TV & Film scripts under given time pressures.


  • Character Development: Developing and establishing characters with sides.


  • Screen Presence: Working on maintain or gaining screen presence throughout screen delivery.


  •  Expert Guidance: Receive personalised feedback and coaching from industry professionals to hone your screen audition skills.


  •  Flexible Options: Choose to attend as a one-off session or book for ongoing weekly drop-ins, allowing you to tailor the course to your schedule.




Actors must be a member of spotlight and have a minimum of two professional credits from either stage or screen, you will need to provide a link to your spotlight on your application. We do not accept extras, short films, corporate videos, music videos or theatre in education as professional credits. 

We welcome dedicated and professional working actors ready to enhance their skills and expand their repertoire. 


 This is course is not for beginners.


*Specifically curated for actors with no less than 2 professional credits on Spotlight. *


Spaces are limited.