John Boyega in Star Wars

John Boyega

Credits: Star Wars Franchise, Small Axe, Attack of the Block, Detroit, The Circle, Pacific Rim: Uprising, They Cloned Tyrone, Naked Singularity and Imperial Dreams.

“Identity has provided me with a stepping stone into my dream career. From complicated text to movement, each class is aimed at pushing you to your full potential whilst also teaching you new skills that would be useful in a professional setting.”

Letitia Wright as Shuri

Letitia Wright

Credits: Avengers Infinity War, Black Panther and Avengers End Game, Death on the Nile, Small Axe, Silent Twins, I Am, Top Boy, Black Mirror, Doctor Who, Humans and Cucumber.

“Identity School of Acting is devoted to bringing out excellence within every student. Through intensive classes and hard work, I have developed vital skills for a long-lasting acting career”

Damson Idris Identity School of Acting Alumni

Damson Idris

Credits: Farming, Snowfall, The Commuter, Astral, City of Tiny Lights, Casualty, Outside The Wire and Babylon.

“Identity Drama School helped me locate a deep sense of self, leading to a high level of not only confidence but above and beyond ambition.”

Varada Sethu Identity School of Acting Alumni

Varada Sethu

Credits: Strike Back, Hanna, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Now You See Me 2, New Blood and Hard Sun.

“Although I am already working professionally, I believe it’s important to always be improving yourself and your craft. IDSA is an invaluable experience with which I have been able to sharpen the skills I have already, as well as being pushed further and encouraged to grow as an actor by the fantastic tutors.”

Malachi Kirby Identity School of Acting Alumni

Malachi Kirby

Credits: Roots, Devils, Small Axe, Curfew, Black Mirror, Dough, Gone Too Far and Way to Go.

“Everyone has their path to walk; mine lead me to Identity, and in the time I’ve been here, I’ve learnt invaluable lessons. There is a really strong atmosphere that reminds you there is no time to be off point.”

Áine Rose Daly Identity School of Acting Alumni

Áine Rose Daly

Credits: Hanna, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Boiling Point and Eight for Silver.

“Finding Identity was a breath of fresh air for someone like myself who wanted to find a different path into the industry other than the conventional 3-year full-time degree. I honestly don’t believe I would have had the successful start to my career that I have had without them.”



Priya Blackburn Identity School of Acting Alumni

Priya Blackburn

Credits: Bohemian Rhapsody, Get Even and Pulling

“I’d like to be original & not cliché, but like so many others who have trained at Identity – the school has been a major stepping stone for my career. From being affordable, to part-time, to offering what top full time drama schools teach, this place has become such a pillar in my life. It’s given me a strong community in a new city, friends I’m so proud to work alongside in the industry, and a foot in the door.”

Sophie Hopkins Identity School of Acting

Sophie Hopkins

Credits: Hurt By Paradise, Brackenmore, Class and Doctors

“Being part of IDSA made me feel like I was part of something exciting. My tutors pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, I felt supported in the classroom and grew to trust my decisions. I made true best friends with some of my classmates and have a relationship with my agent at IAG that plenty of other actors can only dream of. IDSA was my education and IAG is my home.”

Melanie Liburd Identity School of Acting Alumni

Melanie Liburd

Credits: Power Book II: GHOST, This is Us, Brian Banks, Gypsy, Dark Matter, Game of Thrones, Dracula, The Selection, Strikeback and The Man from Toronto.

“IDSA is a no-nonsense extremely high standard and disciplined drama school with a wonderful and supportive community. Whilst training the school pushed me to limits I never thought I was capable of. Its tutors and mentors are some of the most talented professionals in the business and truly understand what it takes to become a working actor. IDSA gave me the belief, support network, determination and confidence as well as a platform to enter the professional world of acting. I feel truly privileged to have been able to train there.”

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Aaron J. Nelson

Credits: The Lion King (Broadway), Chicago Fire, Unforgettable and Unexpected

“Identity provided me with an opportunity to not only train with some of the best tutors in the world, it also provided me with a community of hungry artists to train with, which as a Professional is crucial to staying on top of your game. I am now able to bring depth, clarity, and a level of humanity to the iconic characters I portray in The Lion King and in my TV/Film work that I never knew I could access.”

Leonie Elliot Identity School of Acting Alumni

Leonie Elliot

Credits: Call the Midwife, Killed by my Debt, Black Mirror, Holby City and Damned.

“Identity gave me the time and space to grow and experiment. I was able to sharpen my tools, learn about my craft and really understand the importance of truth and transformation.”

Aron Von Andrian Identity School of Acting

Aron Von Andrian

Credits: Ghetto Bird, Glow and Darkness, Lady Parts, The Stand-Up Sketch Show, Breaking the Band and Beethovens Fidelio at The Royal Opera Hosue.

“IDSA has allowed me to become the kind of actor I’ve always wanted to be and given me the voice and true understanding as an artist. They have given me the tools and confidence to find my way within the industry and in my personal life. They truly care about each individual and find what’s special in each student instead of moulding you into something you’re not, it truly is a family I feel lucky to be apart of.”

Fola Akingbola Identity School of Acting Alumni

Fola Akingbola

Credits: Siren, Black Mirror, Death in Paradise, Game of Thrones, Assassin’s Creed: Origins and VS.

“My time at IDSA ignited my passion for the craft of acting and introduced me to a wonderful community of hard-working, like-minded people.”


Lily Cooper Identity School of Acting Alumni

Lilly Cooper

Credits: The Witcher

“IDSA gave me a safe place to grow, learn and play. I always felt supported and nurtured by my teachers and peers. The school has really pushed me and I have learnt so much about myself and gained so many new skills and tools. IDSA has also given me so many amazing opportunities that I could have only dreamed about getting. It’s just a wonderful, inspiring school and I’m so happy to have trained there”.

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Amarra Smith

Credits: Theatre includes: Get Up Stand Up Musical, Magic of Motown, Soul Legends, Whitney Queen of the Night and What’s Love Got To Do With It (UK tour), Dusty Springfield (Charing Cross Theatre), and Sister Act (Gordon Craig Theatre).

“Identity is the gateway to finding your voice as an actor. I guess that is why you are called Identity. You helped me to see the depth of my authenticity through movement and voice classes, especially. Your passionate calibre of teaching is powerful and truthful. Thank you for showing consistent support.”

Spike Leighton Identity School of Acting Alumni

Spike Leighton

Credits: 1917, Sex Education and Doctors.

“Identity School is one of a kind. Never have I been to a place so fresh with ideas and energy. It harbours some incredible talent and the work we are producing is of a professional standard. I look forward to seeing the incredible individuals and work that Identity produces.”

Jessica Plummer Identity School of Acting Alumni

Jessica Plummer

Credits: Eastenders, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, How to Talk to Girls at Parties. and Wizards vs Aliens.

“There’s a quote, ‘a lion does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep’, Identity helped teach me to be a lion.”

Reda Elazour Identity School of Acting

Reda Elazour

Credits: Pirates, Outside The Wire, Bagdagd Central, Eastenders and The Little Drummer Girl

“Identity provides a safe space to learn and try different techniques. It gave me a platform which acted as a stepping stone to advance in my career.“
Weruche Opia Identity School of Acting Alumni

Weruche Opia

Credits: I May Destroy You, Bad Education, Top Boy and Just a Couple.

“IDSA was the catalyst responsible for turning my love for acting into a skill.”

Chance Perdomo Identity School of Acting Alumni

Chance Perdomo

Credits: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Midsomer Murders, Killed By My Debt, After We Fell, Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators and The Importance of Skin.

“As a kinetic learner, I benefitted from IDSA’s innovative approach. If you stand aside and let the character come to you, that’s when the magic happens.”

Zackary Momoh Identity School of Acting Alumni

Zackary Momoh

Credits: Doctor Sleep, Harriet, Americanah, Death in Paradise and The Nevers.

“IDSA was able to hone my craft in a way that could rival any full-time drama school.”

Deva Wareing Identity School of Acting Alumni

Deva Wareing

Credits: Endeavour, Save Me and Doctors.

“IDSA is a place where talent, which has historically been overlooked now has the opportunity to flourish. It is a place where I have been able to not only hone my craft but to also to build life-long friendships and career connections.”

Simona Zivkovska Identity School of Acting Alumni

Simona Zivkovska

Credits: Black Widow, Devils, Pride of Lions, My Murder and Casualty.

“Training at Identity helped me find my strengths, kept me on my toes and prepared me for the industry.”

Armin Karima Identity School of Acting Alumni

Armin Karima

Credits: Sex Education, Black Mirror, Doctors, Tyrant, Intergalactic, Watch Dogs: Legion, The Girlfriend Experience and Waterloo Road.

“Identity has surely been the pioneer for not only me but many actors who share the same desires and goals.”

Natifa Mai Identity School of Acting Alumni

Natifa Mai

Credits: Peter and Wendy, Don’t Grow Up, The Inceptor and The Dumping Ground.

“Training with Identity was great for me, they helped me step out of my comfort zone and develop. It’s just an encouraging environment for those who want to grow.”

Adelayo Adedayo Identity School of Acting Alumni

Adelayo Adedayo

Credits: Some Girls, Gone Too Far, Sket, Skins and Meet The Bandais.

“Through hard work and determination, Identity has enhanced my skills and given me opportunities in the acting industry.”

Amelia Eve Identity School of Acting Alumni

Amelia Eve

Credits: Leopard Skin, The Haunting of Bly Manor and Enterprise.

“Identity offers the perfect balance of competition and community. The calibre of teachers and students inspire you to bring your best to every class, every set, every stage. The level of talent, support and camaraderie felt in each class is magnetic!”

Simona Brown Identity School of Acting Alumni

Simona Brown

Credits: Riding with Sugar, Roots, Guilt, Outlander, Grantchester and Behind Her Eyes.
Ziad Abaza Identity School of Acting Alumni

Ziad Abaza

Credits: Rocketman, Spectre, Tyrant, K -Shop, The Royals, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Treadstone and Manhunt.

“Identity has been a wonderfully safe yet constructively challenging place to explore and experiment with the craft of acting. I have personally found it invaluable to my development. Some of the best teachers I’ve ever had have been here, and their gems of wisdom will remain with me forever.”

Tobi Bakare Identity School of Acting Alumni

Tobi Bakare

Credits: Death in Paradise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Silent Witness, The Tunnel and Doctors.

“Identity has helped me turn my dreams into reality it’s definitely the place to be if you want to learn.”

Amy McPherson Identity School of Acting Alumni

Amy McPherson

Credits: Pandora and Unaired Game of Thrones Prequel Pilot.

“IDSA has given me an incredible toolbox full of wonderful golden nuggets that I will continue to use throughout my career. The school really helped me grow in confidence as it’s such a supportive community where students feel safe and not judged. It’s like a mini family. I really thank IDSA & IAG for all of their support and for truly believing in me.”

Olivia Popica Identity School of Acting Alumni

Olivia Popica

Credits: Tyrant, Riviera, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Victoria.

“As a working professional actor, Identity is the place where I can always go back and push my craft to a new level. You never stop learning.”

Natasha Culzac Identity School of Acting Alumni

Natasha Culzac

Credits: The Witcher, The Strangers, Cursed, Men in Black: International and Halo Series.

“I had the most inspiring, informative and incredible time at IDSA. The school is unrivalled in providing high-quality acting lessons with flexibility and affordability that means you can train while also working to financially support yourself. It armed me with the tools and confidence I needed as a new actor about to navigate the industry.”

Osy Ikhile Identity School of Acting Alumni

Osy Ikhile

Credits: The Feed, Black Mirror, Fresh Meat, The Legend of Tarzan, Misfits, Mission: Impossible Rouge Nation and Death in Paradise.

‘Identity has given me the chance to truly reach my potential as an actor, and I am eternally grateful for that.”

Noeleen Comiskey Identity School of Acting Alumni

Noeleen Comiskey

Credits: The Beyond, The Obscure Life of the Grand Duke of Corsica, Legends, Skinned, The Desert, The Gaurd of Auchqwitz

“IDSA is an inspirational, exciting, space to be challenged, hone your craft and strive to bring your A-game. Both invaluable and rewarding, it provided me with the necessary skills for a long-lasting professional career.”

Briony Scarlett Identity School of Acting Alumni

Briony Scarlett

Credits: Aladdin and Harlots.

“Identity offers the perfect balance of competition and community. The calibre of teachers and students inspire you to bring your best to every class, every set, every stage. The level of talent, support and camaraderie felt in each class is magnetic!”

Okorie Chukwu Identity School of Acting Alumni

Okorie Chukwu

Credits: Barber Shop Chronicles, Imogen, Once In A Lifetime,  And The Hairy Ape, Hard Sun, My Mad Fat Diary, The Complex and Luther.

“Attending Identity was an invaluable and transformational experience. Through their unique approach, challenging classes and dedicated tutors, I grew in confidence, saw a notable increase in skill and have an ongoing drive to keep growing.”


Merch Husey Identity School of Acting Alumni

Merch Husey

Credits: The Durrells in Corfu, Officer Down, Ransom and London Arabia.

“Throughout my time here at Identity, I have nurtured my talents and grown not only as an actor but also as a person.”



Marina Hambro Identity School of Acting Alumni

Marina Hambro

Credits: The Song of Names and When the Howls Find Us.

“Identity was an incredible experience for me. It pushed me to always go further with my instincts and not be afraid to explore. The teachers I worked with and people I met were so supportive and helped me learn to use and express my vulnerability and grow immensely as an actor and a person.”

Anna Ballantine Identity School of Acting Alumni

Anna Ballantine

Credits: The Last Front, The Kings Man, Loki’s Game and You Eat Other Animals.

“The training and nurturing I received at Identity has been truly fundamental to my career and to my growth as both an actor and a person. The support and camaraderie felt from teachers and peers in every single class creates a safe and non-judgemental space to play and really experiment with your craft. Identity has given me friends that I will have for life, an incredible agent at IAG, a set of tools that I use every time I approach a new script, and a foot in the door. I’m so grateful.”

Waylon Ma Identity School of Acting Alumni

Waylon Ma

Credits: Mu Ai and Call Centre

“Identity’s emphasis on each individual’s progress is paramount to its teaching and appraisal, and I have found this vital in understanding what sort of performer I am and can be.”

Rukku Nahar Identity School of Acting Alumni

Rukku Nahar

Credits: Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Casualty, Doctors and Wolfblood

“Training at IDSA encouraged me to become confident and comfortable in my own skin, believe in my own ability and work on my versatility as an actor. The agents of Identity Agency Group (IAG), and IDSA tutors are super supportive and perform their duties above and beyond expectations.”

Lauren-Joy Williams Identity School of Acting Alumni

Lauren-Joy Williams

Credits: I May Destroy You, James Bond: No Time to Die and When Sky Was Sea.

“I feel during my time at IDSA I have matured as a performer, I’m encouraged to embrace my individuality with industry-focused training, and each new term it proves to be a limitless learning environment.”

Jamie Christlow Identity School of Acting Alumni

Jamie Christlow

Credits: Pearls of Africa, Mumatar, Little Lighty and 3 Taps.

“Training at IDSA has helped me hone my techniques and build my confidence, which are the fundamentals of what is needed to be a professional working actor.”

Rosa Escoda Identity School of Acting Alumni

Rosa Escoda

Credits: Line of Duty, Justice League, Greta, Four Weddings and a Funeral (TV series) and Wanderlust.

“Stripped down and on point acting experience from the best people I’ve ever worked with.”


Osi Okerafor Identity School of Acting

Osi Okerafor

Credits: Law and Order, Hanna, Death in Paradise, Fury, Angel Has Fallen, Quacks, Torchwood, Roadside Picnic, Lucky Man and Lego Marvel Superheros 2.

“Class was truly exciting, full of energy and a place where we could create a million stories.”

Helena Tang-Grosso Identity School of Acting

Helena Tang-Grosso

Credits: Fortune Cookies, Checking Your Numbers and Clearing

“IDSA is a school that reflects the diversity of the real world. It celebrates its students as individuals who each have something unique to offer. IDSA constantly challenges me to realise my full potential as an actor.”

Sonya Balmores Identity School of Acting

Sonya Balmores

Credits: FBI Most Wanted, Magnum P.I, Breckman Rodeo, Inhumans, Den of Thieves, Soul Surfer and Lucifer.
Hannah Ankrah Identity School of Acting

Hannah Ankrah

Credits: In the Long Run, The Mummy, A Banquet and Give Up the Ghost.

“Identity is a unique space that continuously celebrates the beauty of our individuality. It has been fundamental to my growth as an actor and as a person by allowing me to love who I am, find the truth in everything I do whilst enjoying the journey. The school is bursting with creative expression, imagination and high-quality training.”

Doyin Ajiboye Identity School of Acting

Doyin Ajiboye

Credits: Dolapo is Fine and Post-You, Me

“IDSA is a place where my discipline and dedication has grown immensely through the tutors and my peers. It’s a place where you feel inspired by your peers, confident, fuelled and fully equipped with the necessary skills to navigate this industry. My learning never stops here with the intense classes that test me but ensure I become the best vessel to tell stories with conviction.”

Tahj Miles Identity School of Acting

Tahj Miles

Credits: Small Axe, Death in Paradise, Class Dismissed and Flunked.

“Training at Identity prepares you physically and mentally to perform at the highest level. I am a completely different person and actor compared to when I walked into the IDSA audition room.”
Shamail Ali Identity School of Acting

Shamail Ali

Credits: Homeland, Casualty and Trust Me

“Identity has allowed me to find my true sense of self as an artist. Their tutors and mentors are some of the best in the industry who help push your craft to a new level.”

Viraj Juneja Identity School of Acting

Viraj Juneja

Credits: Get Ducked!, Pandora, Vera and Doctors

“Identity Acting School showed me a whole new world where I was not only able to be taught by committed teachers, but also train with and learn from my incredibly gifted peers. Thank you Femi.”

Anthony Kaye Identity School of Acting

Anthony Kaye

Credits: Good Omen, Carnival Row, A United Kingdom and Taboo

“IDSA gave me the opportunity and confidence to grow as an actor. The school creates a safe diverse space to explore and enhance your craft, whilst allowing you to stay true to yourself.”
Joanna Borja Identity School of Acting

Joanna Borja

Credits: Doctor Who, Traces and Regresso a Sizalinda
Rasaq Kukoyi Identity School of Acting

Rasaq Kukoyi

Credits: The Last Tree, His House and The Re-Up

“IDSA created a safe space where I could experiment, make mistakes and grow with like minded individuals who share the same goal of improving their craft.”

Samuel Adewunmi Identity School of Acting

Samuel Adewunmi

Credits: The Last Tree, The Watch, Doctor Who and Born a King
Gracee O’Brien Identity School of Acting

Gracee O’Brien

Credits: Poldark, Doctors and Acrylic

“Going to IDSA was the best decision I’ve ever made. It brought out confidence and skills from within me that I didn’t even know I had! And now, I couldn’t ask for a better agent!”

Tahirah Sharif Identity School of Acting

Tahirah Sharif

Credits: The Haunting of Bly Manor, A Christmas Prince, Waterloo Road and Casualty

“The teachers were incredible and my time at the school taught me to have the confidence and belief in myself to keep striving for what I really wanted to do in life.”

Matthew Law Identity School of Acting

Matthew Law

Credits: A Falling with Grace, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Oval and Shooter
Loreece Harrison Identity School of Acting

Loreece Harrison

Credits: Misbehaviour, Black Mirror and Cassette

“For me, Identity was a game changer. It’s been by far the best decision I made for my future, not only because of the exceptional training, but also the entire ethos of the School in general. It enabled me to able to embark on a career with a sturdy sense of belonging.”

Martin Bobb-Semple Identity School of Acting

Martin Bobb-Semple

Credits: Pandora, Free Rein and So Awkward

“Everything I know about acting has come from the remarkable tutoring at Identity. I wouldn’t be the actor or the person I am today without the discipline and knowledge I gained throughout my time at the school.”

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

James Roch

Credits: Black Lightning, The Night Shift, Whitney Houston: A Tragic Love, Hawaii Five-0 and Shadow Love

“The family at Identity helped me heal and allowed space and structure to gain back my confidence. I couldn’t be more thankful.”
Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah

Credits: First Teams, Save Me, The Feed iBoy, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Social Suicide

“Having aspirations of being an Actor is like being on a boat in the middle of the ocean bound to get lost, joining Identity Drama School not only gives you the paddles, the life vest & a Map to help navigate where you’re going but also builds on the potential you already have.”
Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Sherise Blackman

Credits: Line of Duty, The Methodists and EastEnders

“Returning back into the industry after almost two decades away was initially very daunting, but IDSA proved to be my sanctuary! The guidance, support and professional training I received, helped me regain my confidence, hone my craft, and enabled me to successfully relaunch my career when I joined the agency. I truly feel blessed to be part of the identity family.”

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Anthony Abraham

Credits: Theodosia, Damage Control, The Phantom of the Open, The Great and Exhale

“IDSA has given me the opportunity to realise my love for acting. My teachers pushed me past limits I never knew I could even reach and my peers inspired, and still inspire me to dig deeper and learn more about myself and my craft.”

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Steve Shirley

Credits: Company of Heroes 3, Clock, Hollyoaks, Breaking the Band: Bon Jovi

“Identity offers high-intensity, industry-relevant training that pushes everyone at the school to the highest level. The part-time course structure is fantastic for working actors and for those, like myself, who came to the industry late and wanted to train whilst working full-time.”

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Harrison Daniels

Credits: Pastor’s Wife and The Inside Man 4

“The training I’ve received at Identity has been essential to my development as a storyteller. If you’re willing to work hard Identity is a place where your dreams can come true”

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Ezra Elliott

Credits: Jungle (2022), The Batman (2022), Bulletproof (2018)

“Identity was an instrumental part of my journey. I’ll always be grateful for the lessons it taught me, not only about my craft, but about myself. I can confidently look ahead, knowing how far I’ve come.”


Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Regé-Jean Page

Credits: The Sandman (2022),The Grayman (2022), Bridgerton (2020)

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Nina Barker-Francis

Credits: The Flash, House of the Dragon, Moonhaven

“IDSA has given me the skillset to walk into any audition room and deliver, knowing that I can hold my own. The school has been a major advocate for diversity in this industry, and has opened up so many doors for me, and fellow students/clients.”


Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Identity School of Acting

Priya Kansara

Credits: Polite Society, Bridgerton, The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself
‘Training at Identity allowed me to understand and build on my craft. It has been a huge stepping stone for me and for so many others. I have learnt so much from my time there and I hope to continue to grow as an actor.’

John Boyega

Letitia Wright

Áine Rose Daly

Malachi Kirby

Aron von Andrian

Sophie Hopkins

Melanie Liburd

Damson Idris

Amelia Eve

Varada Sethu

Lilly Cooper

Regé-Jean Page

Spike Leighton

Xelia Mendes-Jones

Chance Perdomo

Fola Evans-Akingbola

Noeleen Comiskey

Michaela Coel

Anna Ballantine

Jessica Plummer

Nicôle Lecky

Zackary Momoh

Olivia Popica

Weruche Opia

Lydia West

Priya Kansara

Ambika Mod

Tahirah Amandla Sharif

Tobi Bakare

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah