Introducing Screen Plus 21

IDSA is pleased to launch our Screen Acting Plus 2021 syllabus for IDSA Online.

Film and TV castings and screen tests now take place primarily online, and actors who develop their skills in these areas will have a distinct advantage over their competitors when it comes to booking roles.

This is why we have now created Screen Plus 2021, a syllabus solely aimed towards building student’s skills in these vital areas, so they can approach screen work of all types with extreme confidence.

During the Spring Term 2021, IDSA Online will now only use TV and film scripts across all subjects and classes built into the curriculum. Tutors will specifically develop the strong internal process, subtlety, and truth required to master the skills needed to own the camera and book the roles.

IDSA students will train intensively in a wide variety of disciplines, with the focus entirely centred on fine-tuning their ability to bring truth to camera performances, learning how to minimise physical responses, and mastering the rhythm and delivery of how performances are executed on screen.

The skills learned on IDSA Online have already led to tremendous successes by many of our students in booking numerous roles across TV and film, and Screen Plus 2021 will expand that further.