IAG Signs Students & Actors to Roster Spring 2021

Did you know that our affiliated talent agency Identity Agency Group (IAG) scouts 80% of its clientele directly from the school?

IDSA Talent is a subdivision of IAG, their mission is to scout the next state of talent directly from the school during IDSA x IAG Agency Labs, Showcases, Filmcases and Short Courses.

We would like to congratulate the following students who have been signed to IAG and the IDSA Talent division in Spring 2021:

IDSA Alumni signed to IAG

  • Daiyaan Simeon
  • Isabella Sylvester
  • Ethan Holland
  • Dan Wilkinson
  • Leonardo Taiwo
  • Ruby Mendoza
  • Oona Chanfi
  • Ariana Nguza
  • Nathaniel Turay Boxx
  • Estelle Quaye
  • Sere Olu
  • Jasmine Holly Bullock
  • Rachel Browne 
  • Alex Balogun
  • Kieran Mackay  
  • Olivia Wady
  • Rachel Mellor 
  • Talitha Harry
  • Tanatswa Nigel Chari
  • Danial Romain
  • Carla Rowe
  • Yasmin Dumetz 
  • Shane Jamie Green
  • Julia Saubier 
  • Shannon Antonia-Lavis 
  • Ariana Nicole 
  • Xelia Mendes-Jones
  • Umulisa Gahiga 
  • Max Carpenter
  • Owen Chaponda
  • Josh Goulding
  • Lauryn Alleyne
  • Priya Kinsara

IAG are looking forward to scouting the next stale of talent during our upcoming Summer Term Showcase. Watch this space.