Both aspiring and professional actors attend Identity School of Acting (IDSA) to gain state of the art, rigorous, part-time actor training from the finest acting coaches and practitioners in the industry.

IDSA offers an innovative, complete programme that is designed to develop you as an actor to your fullest potential. IDSA students train for two days per week, three terms/semesters per year, with each term lasting twelve weeks. Once you have joined IDSA, the training is open-ended and you may stay as long as you wish, although we would recommend that you train at IDSA for at least three years to be able to take advantage of the full breadth of our unique curriculum and performance opportunities. Unlike full-time drama schools, you are only required to make a term-by-term financial commitment, which means that you can train without committing to a full-time academic course.


Successful applicants over the age of 21 will join our intensive Fresher programme which is divided into two streams, and lasts for two terms (please see further down for our Young Actors Course for ages 16-20).

We assess applicants based on their level of ability and potential alone and do not require a CV/resume or qualifications.

The Fresher programme is dedicated to developing your skills in a variety of styles and techniques and ensuring that you are familiar with the basics of Identity Training, in order to be successful on our Core Programme. At the end of your second term, you will perform a group In-house Presentation (IHP), which will be viewed and assessed by the senior acting team and will define which level you are placed within Core Programme. We place students in levels to ensure that they can work at the most effective pace and skill with actors of a similar level and progress to become the best actors they can be.



Those students who graduate from the Fresher programme will join the main body of the School, the rigorous Core Training Programme (CTP). Students taking part in the CTP can expect the level of challenge and intensity of their training to increase at this point and will be entered into one of the following four-tier levels:

CTP Foundation

CTP Intermediate

CTP Inter-Advanced

CTP Advanced

CTP Tier 1

Not only will you further develop and expand on a variety of techniques but you will engage in Showcase, Zoomcase, or Filmcase performances





Students aged 16-20 do not take part in the Fresher programme, but instead join the exciting and dynamic Young Actors Course (YAC). YAC is designed to deliver the rigour and pace of IDSA training for young actors. Students on this course learn a variety of styles and techniques, and engage in Showcase, Zoomcase, or Filmcase performances. Once you reach the age of 21, you will graduate to the Core Training Programme. The tier levels for YAC are:

YAC Intermediate

YAC Advanced

YAC Tier 1