Zackary Momoh, born in July 1988, is a British actor who initiated his journey in the world of performing arts through theater. His on-screen debut came with the feature film “A United Kingdom” in 2016.

Identity School of Acting

Zackary Momoh is an actor whose journey was profoundly influenced by his time at top drama school Identity School of Acting. He took courses in screen acting, audition technique, text & performance, radio plays & audiobooks, monologues, Stanislavski, Meisner, improvisation, and voice. Zackary flourished in the voice course, which focuses on learning practical techniques to strengthen and develop your voice, bringing life and texture to your performances. This training was pivotal in helping him land roles in the Netflix drama “Seven Seconds” and the HBO fantasy series “The Nevers”. His rigorous training has set him on a path to success in the acting industry. 


What film did Zackary Momoh star in alongside Cynthia Erivo that depicts the life of an iconic American freedom fighter?

Zackary Momoh starred in “Harriet” alongside Cynthia Erivo, which depicts the life of American abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

In which Stephen King adaptation did Zackary Momoh play a significant role, and what was his character's name?
  • Zackary Momoh played a significant role in the Stephen King adaptation “Doctor Sleep,” portraying the character Dave Stone.
What is Zackary Momoh's nationality?

Zackary Momoh is British.

Which BBC series featured Zackary Momoh in a story that revolves around international crime and conspiracy?

Zackary Momoh was featured in the BBC series “Seven Seconds,” which revolves around crime and conspiracy.

In which Netflix thriller series did Zackary Momoh appear that explores the impact of technology on society?

Zackary Momoh appeared in the Netflix series “Black Mirror,” which explores the impact of technology on society.

What character did Zackary Momoh portray in the HBO series "The Nevers"?

In the HBO series “The Nevers,” Zackary Momoh portrayed the character Horatio Cousens.

What role did Zackary Momoh play in the legal drama series "No Offence"?

Zackary Momoh played the role of PC Clarkie in the legal drama series “No Offence.”

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