Xelia Mendes-Jones is a British actor renowned for their main portrayal of Dane in the Prime Video series “Fallout” and their role in the Prime Video fantasy series “The Wheel of Time”

Identity School of Acting

Xelia Mendes-Jones is an actor whose extensive training at top drama school Identity School of Acting has sharpened their talents. They completed courses in screen acting, text & performance, audition technique, Stanislavski, Meisner, radio plays & audiobooks, monologues, improvisation, and voice. Xelia excelled in the audition technique course, which focuses on preparing students to deliver a piece for both online and live casting, helping them land a role in the Prime Video series “Fallout”. 

Additionally, Mendes-Jones holds a lead role in the upcoming film “Havoc” and was featured alongside Maisie Williams in the music video for “She’s on My Mind” by Romy, released in December 2023. 


In which Marvel film did Xelia Mendes-Jones make her major film debut?

Xelia Mendes-Jones made her major film debut in the Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.”

What role does Xelia Mendes-Jones play in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3"?

In “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” Xelia Mendes-Jones plays the character of Lylla.

What is Xelia Mendes-Jones's nationality?

Xelia Mendes-Jones is British.

Which prestigious university did Xelia Mendes-Jones attend?

Xelia Mendes-Jones attended the University of Cambridge.

Which Shakespearean role did Xelia Mendes-Jones play while at the University of Cambridge?

While at the University of Cambridge, Xelia Mendes-Jones played the role of Ophelia in “Hamlet.”

Xelia Mendes-Jones has a background in what type of dance?

Xelia Mendes-Jones has a background in ballet.

Can you name a stage production Xelia Mendes-Jones was involved in during her early career?

During her early career, Xelia Mendes-Jones was involved in the stage production “The Winter’s Tale.”

Which short film featured Xelia Mendes-Jones and was recognized at several film festivals?

Xelia Mendes-Jones was featured in the short film “Shadows,” which was recognized at several film festivals.

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