Melanie Liburd, a British actress, is recognised for her notable roles in “This Is Us” and “Power Book II: Ghost.”  


Melanie Liburd is an actor whose training at top drama school Identity School of Acting has been integral to her development. She undertook courses in audition technique, text & performance, Stanislavski, Meisner, radio plays & audiobooks, monologues, screen acting, improvisation, and voice, each contributing to her versatile skill set. Melanie excelled in her monologue course, which focused on preparing actors to have at least one working contemporary monologue by the end of the module, an essential tool for future castings and auditions. This training helped Melanie land roles in “This Is Us”, “Power Book II: Ghost”, “Game of Thrones”, and “Bad Boys for Life”. 


In 2016, Liburd made an appearance as the red priestess in “No One,” an episode of the sixth season of the series “Game of Thrones.” Following this, she was cast in the psychological thriller television series “Gypsy” later in the same year. 

From 2018 to 2019, Liburd portrayed Zoe in “This Is Us,” and from 2020 to 2022, she portrayed Carrie Milgram in “Power Book II: Ghost.” In 2023, Liburd contributed performance capture for Saga Anderson in Remedy Entertainment’s “Alan Wake II.” 


In which popular Netflix series did Melanie Liburd play the character Zoe Baker?

Melanie Liburd played Zoe Baker in the Netflix series “Gypsy.”

What character did Melanie Liburd portray in the TV series "This Is Us"?

Melanie Liburd portrayed the character Zoe Baker in “This Is Us.”

Melanie Liburd appeared in which HBO series, playing the character Arcia?

Melanie Liburd appeared in the HBO series “Game of Thrones” as Arcia.

In which television series did Melanie Liburd play the role of Nyx Harper?

Melanie Liburd played Nyx Harper in the television series “Dark Matter.”

Melanie Liburd starred as a main character in which Hulu series?

Melanie Liburd starred as a main character in the Hulu series “The First.”

What nationality is Melanie Liburd?

Melanie Liburd is British.

Melanie Liburd trained in which field before pursuing an acting career?

Melanie Liburd trained as a fashion model before pursuing an acting career.

In which year was Melanie Liburd born?

Melanie Liburd was born in 1987.

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