Ambika Bhakti Mod, born on October 2, 1995, is a versatile British actress, comedian, and writer. She has gained recognition for her standout performances, notably portraying Shruti Acharya in the BBC drama series “This Is Going to Hurt” (2022) and Emma Morley in the Netflix miniseries “One Day” (2024).


Ambika Mod is an actor whose comprehensive training at top drama school Identity School of Acting has refined her craft. She studied screen acting, audition technique, text & performance, Stanislavski, Meisner, radio plays & audiobooks, monologues, improvisation, and voice. Ambika excelled in her online studies at the school, particularly in the online screen course. This course, when conducted online, focuses on using the webcam to look intensively at close-ups and mid-shots, with scenes recorded and played back for analysis, emphasising subtle, close-up shots. This specialised training proved invaluable for her performance in the Netflix series “One Day.”

Following a series of short films including “Fair Bnb,” “Granddaughter,” “The Sacrifice” (also known as “Leila Margot”), and “Pet Name,” in 2022, Mod showcased her talent as a struggling junior doctor alongside Ben Whishaw in Adam Kay’s medical comedy-drama, “This Is Going to Hurt,” based on Kay’s memoir. The series, delving into the experiences of doctors in gynaecology and obstetrics, garnered critical acclaim. Daniel Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter lauded Mod as the highlight among the “regular female characters,” praising her portrayal of Shruti as the show’s true heart. Mod received the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Actress.

In 2024, Mod took on the role of Emma Morley opposite Leo Woodall in Netflix’s “One Day,” based on David Nicholls’ novel. Initially hesitant due to the intensity of her previous role, Mod’s performance as Emma received widespread acclaim, marking a significant breakthrough in her career. The series became the most-watched globally during the week of February 12, earning 9.9 million views. Chitra Ramaswamy of The Guardian hailed Mod as a “revelation,” noting her remarkable debut in a lead role. Reflecting on the significance of her character’s ethnicity, Mod expressed hope that it would broaden perceptions and resonate with young women of color.

Next, Mod is set to star in a lead role in the Disney+ thriller series “Playdate.”


In which TV series did Ambika Mod play the role of Shruti Acharya?

Ambika Mod played the role of Shruti Acharya in the TV series “This Is Going to Hurt.”

What is Ambika Mod's nationality?

Ambika Mod is British.

Which university did Ambika Mod attend?

Ambika Mod attended University College London (UCL).

What is the profession of Ambika Mod's character in "This Is Going to Hurt"?

Ambika Mod’s character, Shruti Acharya, is a junior doctor in “This Is Going to Hurt.”

In which field did Ambika Mod initially train before becoming an actress?

Ambika Mod initially trained in journalism before becoming an actress.

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